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  • 57:50

    Our Computers, Ourselves


    Deirdre Malfatto, a member of Podcast Club on Facebook, suggested listening to season 1 of "Invisibilia," which will be back with new episodes in not too long. So we're going back into the archives to talk about this episode from Feb. 12, 2015.
  • WNYC recently launched its new show "Nancy," which they describe as "provocative stories and frank conversations about the LGBTQ experience today." We're starting with episode 1 so that we can get the full set-up.
  • 33:48

    1: Where's Richard?

    Missing Richard Simmons

    As with "S-Town," the other buzzy narrative series topping the charts in early 2017. And as with "S-Town," some interesting ethical questions swirling around it.
  • 53:00

    Chapter I


    It's the show everyone is talking about right now -- and no doubt for a long time to come.
  • This episode was intriguing to us as a case study in how to blend interview, voiced readings and sound design to bring an archival print article to life as audio. And we were fascinated by the idea of an entire story told in second person.
  • 27:35

    The Living Room

    Love + Radio

    An utterly captivating story about an urban voyeur that, bizarre as it was, ended up being the first episode in Podcast Club history to garner unanimously good feelings.
  • 32:15

    Jagged Little Bills

    Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn

    Lisa Tobin, The Times’s executive producer for audio, suggested this one because she thought it sounded unlike any show she’d heard before. We brought Ron Lieber, the “Your Money” columnist, to the discussion to get his take. Many of us loved the host’s charm and humor, but found the show frustrating from a journalistic and service perspective. Great if you want to be entertained. Not if you want to know how to be better with money.
  • One of the many aspects of this show that fascinated us was the structure. There aren’t many three-part podcasts. Also, Oprah!
  • 34:46

    1: The Crime

    In the Dark

    One reporter revisits a long-ago crime and tells the story week by week. Sounds like another “Serial” knock-off, right? Nope. Within the first minutes of the first episode it’s clear that this isn’t a typical whodunnit: That’s when they tell you the murderer’s name.
  • Many of us who were regular listeners of the show had already been struck by it for how much it stood out from a typical interview with a White House advisor. The close runner-up episode was the interview with Hillary Clinton.
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