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We're Jack and Tanner from the Baby-Sitters Club Club, a podcast in which we discuss the classic novels in the great Sitters' Cycle by Ann Matthews Martin in order. Jack is an insufferably pedantic English major who insists on referring to these books as "texts" and finding literary references in them, while Tanner is a tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist who is certain that if you scratch the surface, you'll find that these books are about magical bees. All of the awesome podcasts in this playlist are big influences on how we see the world, and we hope you like them as much as we do! See if you can guess who picked what.

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  • 57:45

    Kristy and the Walking Disaster

    BSCC 021 - Kristy and the Walking Disaster

    Kristy is the one who started this whole Baby-Sitters Club lark, and so a Kristy episode is the obvious choice to get a taste of our podcast. Kristy books have everything – a whole lot of babies, a whole lot of sitting, and, in this particular book, an ancient timewalker named Jackie Rodowsky.

  • 34:41

    Season Two – Episode One – Piggies

    Season Two - Episode One - Piggies

    Worst Idea of All Time is really the show that most inspired The Baby-Sitters Club Club. In season 2 of the show, two comedians from New Zealand subject themselves to watching Sex in the City 2 each week for a whole year and capturing their descent into madness on audio.

  • 1:08:29

    Jonathan Edwards’ Basement

    Episode 92: Jonathan Edwards' Basement

    A philosopher and a social psychologist manage to make you laugh, delight in their friendship, and think hard about practical ethics, theory of justice, and the state of academia all at once. Even if one of them is a Kantian and the other is essentially always wrong.

  • 57:17

    Glistening Fishlifters

    MBMBaM 287: Glistening Fishlifters

    My Brother, My Brother and Me is just the best podcast ever made. The McElroy brothers are charming, funny, and have a great rapport that all other podcast hosts should strive for. We certainly try!

  • 1:42:49

    Heraclitus on Understanding the World

    Episode 79: Heraclitus on Understanding the World

    Some dudes who were originally going to do philosophy for a living but then thought better of it. This is that rarest of things – a philosophical discussion that will appeal equally to serious academics and interested newbies all at ones. No matter how hard the topic, these guys always find a way to make it interesting, accessible, and relevant.

  • 55:40

    Dark Pinterest

    Dark Pinterest

    Bizarre States is a great introduction into the crazy world of conspiracy, paranormal, and unexplainable oddities. Bowser and Jessica make the world feel like a much weirder place!

  • R>E>M> (Part 1)

    R>E>M> (Part 1)

    Chris Ott is the kind of music critic that is rarer and rarer nowadays – often polemical in his style and approach, unwilling to mindlessly accept the dominant, well-worn narratives about scenes and styles and trends in music, and deeply informed and passionate about his subject matter. It’s impossible to listen to an episode of Shallow Rewards without completely re-evaluating how you think about a band, their influences, and their motivations.

  • 38:02

    The Unsound

    Episode 103 - The Unsound

    The Black Tapes is an incredibly well-produced audio drama that ties together all sorts of paranormal and supernatural stories. This episode is chilling, but if you dig it, go back and start at the beginning.

  • 15:29

    Simon Blackburn on Narcissism

    Simon Blackburn on Narcissism

    Bite-sized and compelling introductions to any and every topic in philosophy in the form of excellent little interviews with leading lights in the field. Nothing dry or savory here – this is philosophy as dessert, and it’s delicious.

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