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The Player’s Tribune is founded on an altruistic idea – that we, as an organization, are not the story. Our success is wholly contingent on the accompanying success of those to whom we give an authentic voice: The Players. Their stories are the ones that matter. The episodes we've chosen go beyond stat sheets. They attempt to pull our heroes and the games they play down from their pedestals -- letting that vulnerability help to shed light on the human condition.

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  • 42:59

    On the Edge


    A wonderfully spun tale highlighting a lesser-known example of racism in sport. Surya Bonaly took an inspiring stance against established notions of quality in ice skating by turning her routines into active rebellions.
  • 34:56

    The Big Man Can't Shoot

    Revisionist History

    The power of public perception hard at work.
  • 44:46

    Dr. John Carlos

    The Rematch

    First-person storytelling is a very powerful tool in sportscasting. It is also the basis of The Rematch. Hosted by NBA veteran Etan Thomas, this show that examines the nature of media and popular opinion by giving athletes an open forum to reclaim their identities from labels like “polarizing,” “mercurial” & “immature.” John Carlos’ story is unforgettable.
  • 1:14:00

    American Football


    A rare look at the origins of America’s most popular sport.
  • 27:13

    Keyon Dooling

    The Rematch

    When athletes are in conversation with each other - the camaraderie and mutual respect can open portals to understanding that reach far beyond standard sports journalism.
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