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If I love a song, or a musician, I go on an obsessive quest to learn everything about them. I dig for the meaning in the art. These podcasts make connections to artists, politics, and the creative process of all art-making. Danielle LaPorte is a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100, and author of The Fire Starter Sessions, and The Desire Map. Her latest book, White Hot Truth, launched May 15, 2017. You can find her at

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  • In this episode Gladwell goes deep into the psyche and artistic cycles of Creatives like Elvis Costello, Leonard Cohen, Picasso and Monet. And he gets you to ask yourself if you’re a “Picasso type” of creator (that’s my personal style, quick and happily furious output,) or the “Monet type” type, brooding, meticulous, never satisfied. Gladwell always delivers when it comes to connecting the dots.

  • My devotion to L. Cohen is big and true, so as a fan this fed my soul. But more than that it’s an amazing chronology of how poetry turns into song, how fringe goes global, and how legends becomes legends (not overnight).

  • 51:00

    Oh Yo-Yo. He speaks like he plays, in philosophical rhythms.

    Yo-Yo Ma — Music Happens Between the Notes

    I drank this in. Krista Tippett, always thoughtful and well-researched, gets YoYo to connect how he hears, feels, tastes, understands and lives music – his own and others.

  • 2:16:22

    Solid cosmic gold

    Guru Singh: A Master Spiritual Teacher on The Power of Cultivating Awareness To Awaken Your Highest Self

    I’m obsessed with Rich Roll (vegan, in-recovery, declared “The World’s Fittest Man”) interviewing the great luminary Guru Singh, who, before he dedicated his life to Kundalini yoga, had a record deal and was playing shows with Janis Joplin. This is solid cosmic gold.

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