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At Footnoting History our motto is “The best stories are in the footnotes”, so we wanted to apply that to our playlist. Our selections span in region from Africa to North America and in time from the ancient to the twentieth century, so we hope this playlist introduces you to some historical figures you wish you discovered sooner.

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  • The woman who helped lepers

    The Lepers and the London Nurse: The Remarkable Travels of Kate Marsden

    Marsden scandalized an inspired Victorian society with her exploits and determination to help lepers all across Europe.

  • 22:34

    The long-lost Le Nain brothers

    Episode 16: “The Noblemen Who Dressed In Rags”

    Three brothers from 17th-century France, all of which were painters, but get little attention today.

  • 1:06:29

    The first wife of Heracles

    Episode 15: Heroes at Home: Megara

    The Megara of actual Ancient Greek mythology was just a little bit different than the one in Disney’s Hercules.

  • 25:20

    An early Roman writer

    Episode XLIX - Suetonius

    This Roman historian was responsible for some of the most important biographies of the likes of Julius Caesar and Caligula.

  • 53:54

    Princess to queen

    Episode 80: Queen Nzinga

    This 17th-century African Queen was a strong woman who definitely didn’t want the Portuguese taking over her people.

  • A dramatic death

    The Murder of Sweden's King Gustav III

    The assassination of Sweden’s drama-loving monarch is often overshadowed by some other pretty big events: the American and French Revolutions.

  • 31:42

    A tough woman from the Pearl River Delta

    CHP-174-The Pirate Queen Zheng Yi Sao

    Zheng Yi Sao didn’t mess around- she married a famous pirate and then took over for him when he died.

  • 08:51

    Shall we dance?

    Sadie Hawkins | Marry the Man Today (TSB008)

    The character whose name was used to allow women to ask men to dances was actually the creation of a man.

  • 58:54

    The greatest actor of the Gilded Age

    #216: Edwin Booth and the Players Club

    It just isn’t fair that John Wilkes Booth gets all the attention in that family.