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    Something True 5: Entourage

    John from Not My First Radio says, “Easily the best scripted comedy podcast I’ve discovered this year, Something True—and this episode in particular—combines the silliness of Drunk History, the deadpan tone of Welcome to Night Vale, and the deeply ironic/intelligent/masculinity-critiquing wit of Hollywood Handbook. Writer Duncan Fyfe approaches obscure stories from world history—in this case, a duel between New York politicians DeWitt Clinton and John Swartwout over some utterly unimportant slight—from a decidedly contemporary perspective. Alex Ashby’s Very Serious English-accented narration is tonally perfect for the stuffy, honor-obsessed main character in this story. So short and so sweet, you have to check this show out.”

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    What happened to acid rain?

    Episode 9: What Happened to Acid Rain?

    Erik from Hurt Your Brain says, “YES! What ever did happen to the panic about acid rain? Or the ozone? Did it get fixed, or has Facebook distracted us for the past decade? This is kind of a happy ending, at least compared to typical environmental news.”

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    Aurora from Good Listener says, “Homecoming is just about the only fiction podcast I keep up with, and it’s 70% Catherine Keener’s voice. And 30% excellent writing and suspenseful pacing.”

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    Rite of Passage, Part 1

    Rite of Passage, Part 1

    Galen from Bello Collective says, “This new show did a switcheroo on me: I started listening because I thought it was an interview show about creative process and then—surprise!—it’s actually a beautiful narrative about learning to be a person!”

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    All Flesh is Grass

    Part 2: All Flesh Is Grass

    The Auditors say, “The BBC’s Jeremy Bowen has been reporting from the Middle East since the 1990s. As such, he’s borne witness to one of the most important and volatile periods in the region’s history. In this 25-part series of short episodes, Bowen reflects on his long career, recalling the many characters with whom his path has crossed (from Muammar Gaddafi and IS jihadists to ordinary citizens and fellow journos), shares his observations of significant political and cultural events, and offers insights about what might lie ahead, often making use of clips from his previous reportage. He’s an intelligent guide to a complicated history, and equally complicated present. Or as he puts it: “History doesn’t stop. It goes on.””

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    Jerry Springer

    Jerry Springer

    Jaclyn from AudioTeller says, “For media lovers, The Turnaround, a new show from podcast wunderkind-cum-juggernaut Jesse Thorn, has an irresistible premise: it’s a longform interview show with prominent interviewers. Early guests have included Ira Glass, Marc Maron, and Brooke Gladstone. This week’s episode is a conversation with Jerry Springer who discusses his early professional life as a lawyer and the evolution of his show, which is in its 26th season. Produced in conjunction with Columbia Journalism Review, Thorn, whom I first started enjoying as an interviewer on his show Bullseye, guides the conversations well, skillfully pushing experienced talkers like Springer to reflect in unique ways on their experience and outlook. This latest conversation from The Turnaround delivers just as the others before it.”

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