Grit and gumption

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Stories of guts, courage and moxie. Curated by Catherine Burns, Artist Director at The Moth.

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    The Wheel

    Episode 82 (The Wheel)

    Robert Smalls was an enslaved man who freed himself by commandeering a Confederate transport ship and sailing it from Confederate-controlled waters to safety.

  • 51:09

    Kate Braestrup – A Presence in the Wild

    Kate Braestrup — A Presence in the Wild

    Kate is the chaplain for the Maine Game Wardens, charged with holding space for families in moments of both great crisis and joy.

  • 51:00

    Rosanne Cash – Time Traveler

    Rosanne Cash, Time Traveler

    On Being is my favorite radio show, and I adore Rosanne (who recently told a kickass Moth story.) This episode gets to the heart of where creativity originates.

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