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These are all episodes that inspired Bart Warshaw to create Kismet. They are all unexpected stories of connection, discovery and adventure and highlight the “chance” of meeting. Many of the episodes are so visceral that the listeners are immersed in a world, and get to feel the same connection as those inside the story.

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  • 29:50

    Give in or take over?

    Staph Retreat

    Radiolab brings together two people from two fields of study who discover the importance of looking further afield.

  • 42:29

    Meeting grounds

    The Silver Dollar

    One of my favorite episodes of Love + Radio brings how making a connection can do so much to prevent hate and separation.

  • 38:28

    A mysterious message is found

    #14: Message in a Bottle

    Clint is a bottle hunter, but his passion is beyond finding the bottle itself, but connecting with the message sender.

  • This classic from Jonathan Goldstein shows the changing perspectives of meeting someone again after many years.

  • 42:16

    An unusual threesome

    A Girl of Ivory

    Another unexpected and fascinating connection from the commendable Nick van der Kolk.

  • This episode highlights a type of meeting that in its nature is confrontational.

  • 24:06

    A truly horrible first date

    #7: Too Old for Meet Cute

    With the advent of online dating, are meet cutes a thing of the past? Andrea Silenzi explores a modern Meet Cute story and explores where people draw a line with commercials.

  • 23:04

    Watching others watching us

    Strangers in a Small Cafe

    Kismet is often a sonic immersion into a place, and this episode from Ann Heppermann’s Serendipity highlights why sound design is so important.

  • 11:34

    Chatting where you’re not supposed to

    #01. Love Train - Morgan and Nathan

    One of the things that people who live in New York know is that “you don’t talk to people on the subway.” We explore what happens when two people, with the help of impulse and chance, decide to ignore all they have been told.

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