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Tamar Avishai's (of “The Lonely Palette”) list of podcast episodes that evoke particularly powerful visuals, or invite you to experience the visual world of art and museums through new ears.

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  • 15:48

    The Met’s artist-in-residence is a podcaster

    Episode 99, Met Residency #3 (Full Circle)

    Nate DiMeo is giving all of us radio-about-art producers professional hope as the artist-in-residence at the Met. This episode focuses on John Vanderlyn’s “Panoramic View of the Gardens of Versailles,” complete with gorgeous descriptions of the art, the ever-solid backbone of history, and even a nod to all us Hamilton fans out there.

  • 20:51

    Hot and bothered in Nazi Germany

    Ep. 9 - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's "Reclining Nude" (1909)

    German art is, and always has been, kinda sexy. Which, if you’re a Nazi propagandist, is pretty off-brand. This episode dives into the origins of German Expressionism, and what exactly about its hot got the Nazis so bothered.

  • 19:49

    Making eye contact with evil

    Episode 35: Pen & Paper

    True Crime is the order of the day for intense storytelling, but this intimate little episode about a courtroom sketch artist was a delightfully humane glimpse into the day-to-day proceedings of the occupational hazard of being forced to make eye contact with evil.

  • Homecoming is actual honest-to-goodness cinema for your ears. The complete naturalism of the acting and quality of the soundscape and pacing are straight out of the golden age of TV. In this episode, Cruz’s description of the empty, phony Tampa neighborhood might as well be right outside your car window.

  • Israel Story – the self-professed This American Life of Israel – kicked off its first episode in English by discussing, among other things, copycats. Forgeries are the true crime of the museum world: the greed, the desperation, the deception, the dashed hopes when you think you’re part of history and find yourself part of something else altogether.

  • 38:39

    Listen with Kleenex in hand.

    #50 The Cathedral

    This episode gave me a driveway moment in my kitchen: I stood at my sink in rubber gloves for the entire run, without touching a dish. This is one of the most powerful integrations of the audio of the human voice and mental visuals I’ve ever heard, or can ever imagine hearing. Listen with Kleenex in hand.

  • Exquisite and frenetic

    7. The Manhattan Project

    This is an exquisite, frenetic audio essay about the Tribute in Light in NYC on the anniversary of 9/11 and the complicated role of memorials and memory in our society.

  • 07:17

    Taboo in plain sight

    12. Dead Bodies in Museums Part 2

    This is a fascinating little history of the presentation of dead bodies in museums, and the aesthetic and psychological lengths that both museums – and visitors – go to to pretend we’re not actually, you know, looking at dead bodies.

  • 19:06

    Dissecting an aesthetic abomination

    232- McMansion Hell

    Studying architecture is ideally a classy pursuit. But…ew McMansions. Dissecting the actual reasons why McMansions are so heinous from an architectural and design perspective (like, decide on a window style, guys) is a delight.

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