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At Soonish, tech journalist Wade Roush argues that the future is shaped by technology—but technology is shaped by us. Season 2 kicks off with a road-trip episode that probes the deep divisions over race in America but ends on a unifying, cosmic note: August's total solar eclipse. Season 1 episodes explored what happens when movie directors try to get the future right, but fail; why monorails are a neglected but still promising form of urban transit; how technology can improve the museum-going experience; how entrepreneurs are working to create skilled factory jobs in an age of automation; who's working to develop and market substitutes for meat from vertebrates; why the next phase of space exploration is being led by private companies; why our personal productivity tools always seem to fail us; how we balance the past and the future in urban planning; and why a metaphor from the movie Apollo 13 can help explain the Trump presidency. More info at

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