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Immersive and intimate stories produced in Nashville, TN.

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  • 16:46

    Shine Service


    Percy is an 80 year-old shoe shiner who's been at the trade since he was 10. Now he can't slow down - and has a fascinating story.
  • Like many cities, houses are being torn down at a breakneck pace in Nashville. Really get to know one, from birth to the landfill.
  • 41:33

    The King of Tears

    Revisionist History

    Malcolm Gladwell explores why Nashville owns the sad song - no other place comes close.
  • 29:41

    #7: Where Does Creativity Come From?

    Movers and Thinkers

    A songwriter, a poet and a visual artist compare notes on where they find inspiration - before a live audience.
  • Otis Gibbs is a musician who takes you on an insider's journey to the heart of Nashville's music scene.
  • People tell their personal stories to poets, who write tailor-made poems. It's goosebump city. Launches August 25, so subscribe now.
  • 15:38

    The Fighter


    Wayne has had ALS for 30 years. We learn what keeps him fighting and what would make him stop.
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