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    Ear Hustle

    Ear Hustle, which was the winner of Radiotopia's Podquest contest for new podcast ideas, is made and broadcast from inside San Quentin State Prison and just launched last week.
  • Last week we discussed "74 Seconds," which sets up and follows the trial of Jeronimo Yanez, who has been charged with manslaughter for shooting Philando Castile. This week, we're talking about another new podcast taking a similar approach to trial coverage. For comparison's sake, we'll again focus on the first episode. In later episodes of each, the shows transition to semi-live trial coverage.
  • 18:51

    1: The Driver

    74 Seconds

    This new show out of Minnesota Public Radio sets up and covers the trial of police officer Jeronimo Yanez, who has been charged with manslaughter for shooting Philando Castile during a traffic stop in July 2016. It's an interesting addition to the emerging genre of pop-up trial podcasts.
  • 27:35

    The Living Room

    Love + Radio

    An utterly captivating story about an urban voyeur that, bizarre as it was, ended up being the first episode in Podcast Club history to garner unanimously good feelings.
  • 19:37

    Episode 82 (The Wheel)

    the memory palace

    After discussing an episode of "Stuff You Missed In History Class" on Robert Smalls, we decided to try another podcast covering the same topic (but in a very different style).
  • 32:42

    The Incredible Escape of Robert Smalls

    Stuff You Missed in History Class

    We're taking a break from the news and going back in time with this one. Next up, we're going to discuss an episode of another show that tackles the same story in a different way.
  • After a few weeks discussing sexy, buzzy shows, we're taking a turn for the decidedly unsexy with "Containers," Alexis Madrigal's 8-part audio documentary on global trade. Can this show make the economy as engaging as a quest to find a disappeared fitness guru from the '80s?
  • Tavi Gevinson teamed up with MTV to launch "Rookie," a podcast extension of her magazine brand. The show, which is largely interview-based, also includes the "Ask a Grown Person" feature from the magazine, which was recently the inspiration for an episode of This American Life.
  • 57:50

    Our Computers, Ourselves


    Deirdre Malfatto, a member of Podcast Club on Facebook, suggested listening to season 1 of "Invisibilia," which will be back with new episodes in not too long. So we're going back into the archives to talk about this episode from Feb. 12, 2015.
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