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  • 24:44

    Episode 1: Dr. Burnout

    Sincerely, X

    This week we're listening "Sincerely, X," the series of anonymous TED talks from Audible and TED. "TED Radio Hour" is a perennial hit on the Apple charts, and this new show has been holding its own, so we're eager to dive in and discuss.
  • 41:03

    36 Questions - The Podcast Musical - Act 1 of 3

    36 Questions – The Podcast Musical from Two-Up

    In January of 2015, The New York Times published a Modern Love column about 36 questions that lead to love. It quickly became the most popular Modern Love column of all time and inspired many readers to give those questions a try. It also inspired this three-act musical podcast created by the indie podcast channel Two-Up. As a fictional musical, it's a bit of a departure in form for Podcast Club — hell, for the whole industry — so we're especially excited to hear what everyone thinks of this one. Let us know in The New York Times Podcast Club group on Facebook.
  • 46:39

    On The Ice

    30 For 30 Podcasts

    This week, we're discussing the new podcast spinoff of ESPN's "30 for 30" documentary film series. We're choosing an episode recommended by Rachel Marie in our Podcast Club Facebook group.
  • 33:17

    Our Student Loan Secrets, Part 1

    Death, Sex & Money

    This week we're discussing the recent two-part series on student loans from "Death, Sex & Money." Here's the first of those. The series will also be the topic of conversation at our first live podcast club gathering (outside of the internal New York Times crew, that is) a week from today at the Greene Space in New York City.
  • 33:24

    Part 1: That Beat, That Beat Right There

    Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty

    The subtitle says a lot about the scope of the show. We're interested in the story, and also in the backstory: it's the first collaboration between two fairly distinct production companies: Loud Speakers Network ("The Read"; "The Combat Jack Show") and Gimlet Media ("Reply All"; "StartUp"), and was initially released only on Spotify. We're discussing the first two episodes in The New York Times Podcast Club Facebook group this week, to allow the story to unfold a bit.
  • 12:11

    Monday, 6/26/2017

    The Outline World Dispatch

    As the creators of our own short daily news podcast, The Daily, we at The New York Times have watched the short daily news podcast space closely. So we were intrigued when The Outline launched this show in April.
  • 23:33


    Ear Hustle

    Ear Hustle, which was the winner of Radiotopia's Podquest contest for new podcast ideas, is made and broadcast from inside San Quentin State Prison and just launched last week.
  • Last week we discussed "74 Seconds," which sets up and follows the trial of Jeronimo Yanez, who has been charged with manslaughter for shooting Philando Castile. This week, we're talking about another new podcast taking a similar approach to trial coverage. For comparison's sake, we'll again focus on the first episode. In later episodes of each, the shows transition to semi-live trial coverage.
  • 18:51

    1: The Driver

    74 Seconds

    This new show out of Minnesota Public Radio sets up and covers the trial of police officer Jeronimo Yanez, who has been charged with manslaughter for shooting Philando Castile during a traffic stop in July 2016. It's an interesting addition to the emerging genre of pop-up trial podcasts.
  • 27:35

    The Living Room

    Love + Radio

    An utterly captivating story about an urban voyeur that, bizarre as it was, ended up being the first episode in Podcast Club history to garner unanimously good feelings.
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