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In every good story there are twist, turns and surprises. These are episodes with my favorite twists, both subtle and loud. Millennial is a podcast about coming of age. It is hosted and produced by Megan Tan, and is part of Radiotopia (, from PRX.

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  • 20:11

    Informational story

    229- The Trend Forecast

    Who is making the decisions behind all of our unique fashion style really?

  • 32:22

    Love story (kind of)

    Desiray + Aaron

    The multi-layered love relationship between groupies and famous people.

  • 17:03

    Nice, heart-warming story

    #610: The Prisoner's Solution

    Challenging the human capacity of how people can turn their lives around in prison.

  • 35:28

    Straight-up interview

    20. Kiran Gandhi: In Your Flow

    How someone turns a random event into a mission.

  • 14:43

    Southern Gothic

    Don't Touch a Thing

    A fictional story about a hoarder mother who is keeping a secret.

  • 27:04

    Love story

    Episode 91 (Natural Habitat)

    When I see a taxidermy panda, I never think about the life it led or the people it affected.

  • 21:10

    Love story-ish

    #13 Love is Lies

    Makes me wonder who is on the other side of all internet relationships.

  • 42:29

    Friendship story

    The Silver Dollar

    Dive into an unexpected friendship that will make you hold your breath.

  • 55:00

    Straight-up interview

    Episode 19: Was That a Microaggression or Just Tuesday? (with Audie Cornish)

    I listen to Audie Cornish almost everyday in the afternoon on NPR, but I’ve never heard her like this.

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